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At Sabre Rigs Ltd. we have a wide range of service equipment that will make your job a whole lot easier.
  • Analysers
  • meters
  • leak detectors
  • probes
  • accessories
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Sabre Rigs Ltd.Kane 455 Multi Fuel Boiler Analyser (KSR455)

The Kane 455 Multi Fuel Boiler Analyser has low cost of ownership, low maintenance costs and is an ideal purchase for anyone wanting to conduct wide ranging gas analysis.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use rotary dial
  • Long Life CO Sensor
  • Compact Kane 455 Boiler Analyser with high accuracy pressure readings
  • Four line display controlled by 9 position rotary switch
  • Measures O2, CO2 & CO (0-2,000ppm)
  • Differential pressure and differential temperature
  • Calculates CO/CO2 ratio, excess air and efficiency for multi-fuel, gaseous fuels and light oils (28/35 sec)
  • Infra-red output to optional printer. Which could print reports for combustion, pressure; let-by/tightness, temperature and room CO build up
  • Internal memory holds 99 Combustion tests, 20 Pressure tests, 20 Tightness tests, 20 Temperature tests, 20 Room CO tests
  • Protective rubber sleeve with magnet for "hands free" use
Supplied with KMCP2 flue probe, 4 x NiMH rechargeable batteries, charger, 2 x pressure fittings and manual
Image: Kane 455 Multi Fuel Boiler Analyser (KSR455)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Kane 455 KIT (KSR455KIT)

Kane455 Combustion analyser with rotary switch, complete with KANE IRP infra-red printer, 4 x NiMH rechargeable batteries, charger and carry case. Image: Kane 455 KIT (KSR455KIT)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Kane 455 Pro Kit (KSR455PRO)

As KANE455 KIT, but also includes a GLD450 Plus gas leak detector, KAL1 Air/liquid temperature probe, 1 x pressure hose, 2 x KPCP Clamp-on pipe probes. Image: Kane 455 Pro Kit (KSR455PRO)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.KANE 455 CPA1 KIT (KSR455CPA1)

As KANE 455 PRO KIT, but also includesASP2 Appliance Sampling Probe kit, 12v charger and Quick Reference DVD in a larger carry case. Image: KANE 455 CPA1 KIT (KSR455CPA1)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Manual Smoke Pump (MSP400)

Manual oil smoke test pump for testing oil fired boiler flue products. Supplied with filter paper, smoke density chart and carry case. Image: Manual Smoke Pump (MSP400)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Waterproof Pocket Thermometer (PDT550)

Waterproof Pocket Thermometer with integral stainless steel probe. Image: Waterproof Pocket Thermometer (PDT550)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.KANE Alert CO2 Monitor (ACM420)

CO2 (0-3,000ppm) and temperature monitor. Includes batteries and mains adapter. Image: KANE Alert CO2 Monitor (ACM420)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Leak Seeka Combustible Gas Detector (CGD426)

Leak seeka hand-held combustible gas leak detector. Detects to 10ppm of methane. Alarm feature. Supplied with batteries, earpiece and soft case. Image: Leak Seeka Hand-held Combustible Gas Detector (CGD426)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Gas Leak Detector (GLD450Plus)

A simple to use detector with flexible shaft for use with flue gas analysers’ e.g. Kane 250, 425 & 450. Supplied with 2 x AA batteries. Image: Gas Leak Detector (GLD450Plus)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Differential Pressure Meter (DPM430)

Features :
  • Fitted with protective rubber sleeve
  • Max/min record facility with timer
  • Can display in 5 different pressure units
  • Range 0 – 2 psi / 0 – 138 mbar
Image: Differential Pressure Meter (DPM430)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.High Accuracy Differential Pressure (DPM431)

Features :
  • Logging facility and infra-red output to optional printer
  • Can display readings in 7 different pressure units
  • Supplied with hose & protective pouch
  • Range: +/- 1 psi / 80 mbar
** Other models also available to cover ranges from 2 psi to 30 psi that can be supplied on request.
Image: High Accuracy Differential Pressure (DPM431)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Hand Held Carbon Monoxide Detector (CMD422)

The KANE77 is used to monitor carbon monoxide (CO) levels in commercial and residential living spaces, warehouse operations, combustion engine repair facilities, public facilities and any other indoor areas.

Features :

  • Hi Range CO sensor with 5 year life
  • High visibility display
  • CO max capture and hold
  • 3 tri state LED's display green/amber/red
  • Loud alarm for audible high CO danger alert
Image: Hand Held Carbon Monoxide Detector (CMD422)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Compact Ambient CO & CO2 Analyser (KAC100)

Features :
  • Measures ambient CO and ambient CO2
  • Datalogs up to 255 records with variable sampling time from 1-10 minutes
  • Records time and date
  • Prints to optional printer using infra-red emitter (Printer sold separately)
  • User adjustable alarms for CO and CO2
  • Long life Ni Mh batteries charged in situ with charger
  • Internal pump for fast measurements in room air or ducts
  • Long sampling hose for ‘silent’ sampling of high profile / public areas
Image: Compact Ambient CO & CO2 Analyser (KAC100)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Compact Ambient CO & CO2 Analyser Kit (KAC100KIT)

Kit Contains :
  • Analyser with protective rubber boot
  • Long sampling hose for 'silent' sampling of high profile / public areas
  • Complete with SGAFP probe
  • spare spigot
  • fast charger
  • manual
  • carry case
Image: Compact Ambient CO & CO2 Analyser Kit (KAC100KIT)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Carry Case (KCC490)

Image: Carry Case (KCC490)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Differential Thermometer H & V Kit (KDT200)

A complete low cost temperature measuring kit for heating and plumbing engineers.

This unit is ideal for flow and return temperatures.

The DT200 digital thermometer accepts type J, K or T probes to accommodate existing process technology. Its back light displays are easy to read, even in low-light areas.

Each kit is supplied with :

  • DT200 differential thermometer
  • 2 x KWA1 wrap around pipe probes
  • 1 x KAL1 air/liquid probe
  • 1 x KSP1 surface probe
  • 1 x KFT1 flexible probe all in a protective carry case
Features :
  • -200 to 1370 deg C
  • Triple display
  • Backlight
  • Dual input
  • Differential temperature
  • Time-stamped multifunction record
  • Relative function displays
  • Accepts k, J and T thermocouples
  • Data hold
** The DT200 allows you to measure two inputs simultaneously.
Image: Differential Thermometer H & V Kit (KDT200)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Appliance sampling probe kit (ASP2KIT)

The kit comprises 3 probes with handle/hose assembly that are required for commissioning, servicing and installing new gas appliances. These enable sampling of grills, gas fires and general purpose use. The probes are interchangeable on the insulated handle. Image: Appliance sampling probe kit (ASP2KIT)
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