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At Sabre Rigs Ltd. we have a wide range of Solar Thermal Service Tools and accessories that will make your job a whole lot easier.
  • Refractometer
  • Multimeter
  • Manometer
  • Engineer's test kits
  • Infra-red Thermometer
  • Filling/Flushing Pump
  • Solaplug
  • Flanging Tool
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Sabre Rigs Ltd.Handheld Refractometer Set (HRS500)

Enables exact determination of propylene- and ethylene-glycol in the heat transfer fluid of the solar system with an additional scale for battery acid.

A handheld refractometer supplied in a grey, foam-lined hard plastic case and includes the following accessories: distilled water sample, pipette, soft cleaning cloth, adjustment screwdriver, leather carrying pouch and operation manual. Its moulded eyepiece provides quick and comfortable reading of the displayed scale.

Specifications :

  • Range -50 to 0°C (-60 to 32°F) for Propylene glycol
  • Resolution 5°C (10°F) glycol freeze point
  • Dimensions: 165 x 38 x 38mm
  • Weight 200g
*This instrument is designed with Automatic Temperature Compensation ("ATC") which allows for ambient shifts in outdoor temperatures, while still yielding accurate results.
Image: Handheld Refractometer Set (HRS500)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Resol Test Box (RTB510)

A professional tool kit comprising refractometer, multimeter with resistance, voltage and temperature ranges, compass, pressure gauge, PH test strips and tested/warning labels. This Solar Thermal Kit is useful in helping to comply with MCS requirements.

Test kit includes :

  • Handheld Refractometer
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Manometer
  • Compass
  • pH test strips
  • Screwdriver with voltage control
  • Mini screwdriver
  • Test and indication labels
  • Heavy duty carry case
Image: Resol Test Box (RTB510)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Solar Engineer’s Test Kit (ETK520)

This test kit provides the professional Solar Engineer with a complete collection of high quality instruments which can be used for site surveys, new system commissioning and system fluid maintenance checks. The instruments sit within pre-formed cut-outs in foam plastic to offer protection during transit and use.

Features :

  • Digital thermometer with 2 clamp on sensing probes
  • Digital Ph Meter Scale 9 – 14 pH
  • Oil Medium Compass Including Inclinometer & sighting viewer c/w protective carry pouch
  • Pressure Gauge for testing expansion vessel charge pressure (0 – 4.5 bar)
  • Litmus Test Kit (pipette, jeweler’s screwdriver, cleaning cloth)
  • Buffer solution liquid for calibrating the ph meter
* Please allow 4 weeks for delivery of this kit
Image: Solar Engineer’s Test Kit (ETK520)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.INF151 Infra-red Thermometer with Laser Sighting (IRT600)

Ideal for fast & accurate thermal analysis on a solar system.

Infra-red thermometers provide instant surface temperature readings. This model is simple to use - just squeeze the trigger and aim using the laser dot. Laser targeting increases speed, accuracy and safety during maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

Features :

  • Instant surface temperature readings
  • Wide temperature range - 40°C to + 420°C
  • Distance to spot ratio 8 to 1
  • Three pre-set emissivity settings
Image: EcotubeHP Solar Heat Pipe display module (HPDEMO)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Mini Digital Thermometer RTM-1 (DT550)

Battery powered LCD thermometer with 2m cable (not extendable). Temperature range -50 to +95°C Image: Mini Digital Thermometer RTM-1 (DT550)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.SBS 2000 Filling/Flushing Pump (SFP560)

The SBS 2000 includes several design features to facilitate transport, operation and cleaning of the system. The large, smooth-running wheels and the ergonomic handlebar make it easy to manoeuvre the station - even when it is full. The robust 30-litre tank is semi-transparent, enables a quick visual check of the fill level. The SBS 2000 can be used with water, water-glycol mixtures and cleaning fluids. (It is also suitable for filling and flushing of conventional heating Systems).
  • Robust and durable, Powerful pump
  • Available for 230 and 115 V~ mains voltage
  • Easy handling and cleaning
  • For heat transfer fluids and cleaning fluids
  • Ergonomic design and top quality
  • H×W×D (mm) = 1000×400×530
  • Tank: 30 Ltr (PE, with suction strainer)
  • Delivery flow: 5 – 47 l/min
  • Delivery height: 52 m
  • Pump power: 230 V~, 50 Hz, 1000 W
  • Isolating ball valves: ¾ inch union nut
  • Drain valve: ½ inch
  • Medium: Water, glycol mixtures, cleaning fluids
  • Medium temperature: max. 65°C
Image: SBS 2000 Filling/Flushing Pump (SFP560)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.RESOL Hand Fill Pump (HFP575)

A manual pump suitable for system top up. Output: 2 litres/min.

Maximum pressure: 4.5 bar. Suitable for filling mobile solar training rigs

Filling & Injection Pump with non-return valve for pressure increase & refilling of heat transfer fluids. 1/2" O T Self-Sealing with O Ring, 15mm tube connection.

Image: RESOL Hand Fill Pump (HFP575)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.SFIL2 Solar Panel Filling & Flushing Pump

The Solarfill 2 makes cleaning, draining, venting and filling of pipe systems much easier – in most cases requiring just a single operation. It’s also no longer necessary to work on the roof adjacent to the solar array, and solar air vents on the roof can be omitted from the system design. System debris can be flushed out through the inbuilt strainer.

Key features :

  • 30 litre capacity solar fluid tank with large lid for easy filling
  • New 0.5 Hp pump
  • Reduced noise level during operation
  • Filling port with shut-off ball valve and flexible connection hose
  • Flushing/de-aeration port with shut-off ball valve & flexible hose
  • Clear large capacity bowl filter replaces old "Y" strainer
  • Pressure gauge
  • High output filling pump with cast iron body and brass manifold
  • Variable pressure regulator to set fill pressure
  • Inlet for connection to an external tank
  • Optional manual pump for pressurising (without electrical power)
Image: SFIL2 Solar Panel Filling & Flushing Pump

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Solar Discharge Container (SDC580)

A high temperature plastic container for solar thermal systems. Specifically designed to be connected to PRV, allowing safe collection of hot expelled solar fluid. (C/w drain tap).
  • Capacity: 9.6L
  • Size: H x W x D (mm) 300 x 270 x 130
  • PE Polyethylene Lupolen
Container temperatures for long term storage:
  • Ambient -5° to +50° celsius
  • Storage -10° to +60° celsius
  • Short term discharge 160° C.
Accessories: ALS15 Discharge Hose c/w clip. (Robust and heat resistant) It fits all common ¾" safety valve outlets - Simply cut to required length.

Note: As a requirement of MCS, suitable products it is no longer acceptable to use an empty plastic bottle stood on the floor.

Image: Solar Discharge Container (SDC580)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.SolaPlug

Top Entry /Vertical Mounting (SP300) - Extendible to fit a range of cylinder depths.

The practical retrofit option - compatible with all solar thermal panels.

It is designed to be retrofitted through the immersion port of an existing hot water cylinder (Vented or unvented) to provide an additional heat exchanger for the connection of solar panels. It is secured to the cylinder using the existing immersion heater boss.

Image: SolaPlug - Top Entry / Vertical Mounting (SP300)
Side Entry /Horizontal mounting (SP302) - standard size

The practical retrofit option - compatible with all solar thermal panels.

Both versions supplied complete with immersion element. A SolaPlug installation is MCS compliant, RHI and Grant Eligible.

Image: SolaPlug - Side Entry / Horizontal mounting (SP302)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Inox Pipe Cutter (IPC590)

Designed specifically for cutting flexible stainless steel pipe DN12-DN20. Incorporates 8 rollers (two with soft grip) and a cutting wheel spindle to provide accuracy and a clean cut i.e. no ragged edges. Image: Inox Pipe Cutter (IPC590)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Flanging Tool Set for DN16 pipe – (FTS595)

This tool eliminates the need for clips and creates a clean flat seal, saving valuable installation time. Ratchet action for both clockwise and anti-clockwise operation. Image: Flanging Tool Set for DN16 pipe – (FTS595)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Solar Flashing kit (SFK150)

This kit ensures a water and weather tight seal for pipe work and sensor cables between the solar array and the system. Suitable for all common roof materials e.g. tile, slate and metal. Image: Solar Flashing kit (SFK150)

Sabre Rigs Ltd.Schematic Wall Charts

We have designed a number of useful Schematic Wall Charts to be used as training aids - presented on High quality washable Foamex board.

Measurements LxWxD (mm): 950 x 720 x 5

Image: Schematic Wall Charts
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